This note contains updates in Point of Care and some improvements related to billing!


Point of Care v. 1.1.22 is available for download with some new squished bugs! Most notably, changing a staff member in the app is now much stickier (like it should be) so that a) notes will be associated with the new staff member and b) the app will no longer revert to the previous staff member if you go back to Center Overview.

We fixed an issue on the Account > Billing > Overview page. The dates on the Unbilled Balance tile have been fixed to display the correct dates of the next billing cycle. This can be used to see when those unbilled transactions will be picked up by automation so that y'all can decide if they would rather generate a manual bill instead of waiting!


The Billing > Accounts page has received a couple of major improvements. First, the "Due Date" column has been updated to show the due date of the current Amount Due. This is beneficial for when you're looking for what day Autopay will run or when the account should make a manual payment. Also, the "Total Balance" column has been renamed to Account Balance so that it is consistent with the overview tiles. 

Also in the world of Billing - when creating a manual payment for an account, you are now able to set a date in the past. This can be helpful in case you don't enter the payment on the actual day when the parent dropped off the cash! Now that can be tracked in the system more accurately.

And last but not least, we've added a couple of new options for break time lengths - 90 and 120 minute breaks are now available!

New Features

Point of Care v. 1.1.22 also has an exciting new feature - the ability to delete notes! If you view a note of any type (except photos), you'll see the option to delete that note.