It's a big one this week, folks! New features and updates across the board!


Point of Care v. 1.1.21 is available for download! We fixed a handful of bugs this release including additional messaging if the internet connection drops when staff attempt to submit photos, proper syncing of staff clock-in presence, and photos displaying as expected in the gallery when submitted via Point of Care. We also addressed a bug where photos uploaded repeatedly (we know parents like pics of their kids but it was... excessive). Oh, and sometimes we had a time zone problem where kids were showing checked-in on the previous day. All good now!


KT Connect v. 2.4.1 is available for download, and contains a bunch of improvements. Most notably, we have revamped the settings page. We hid the dev mode toggle (y'all don't need that!) and added each permission that KT Connect uses along with a link to the settings page to update the permissions. This is so that you all can more easily troubleshoot when parents are having issues (like with Kisi locks, for example). We also made the "Who Are You" screen more intuitive and added some more error logging for ourselves.

Point of Care v. 1.1.21 also contained a big improvement to the photo upload status screen. A progress bar, retry and cancel buttons, and indication of completion have all been added. Get excited!

We've made an improvement to the Time Log as well - now you can see a full 24 hours in the time log. That way if you have any shifts that go beyond your normal business hours, you can manage those more easily.

New Features

Oh man - the new features this week are BONKERS, folks! Get ready to have your mind blown.


We're so excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of deposits! Deposits are amounts of money placed or kept on an account (or individual child) that can be used at a later time and are not recognized until they are applied. Once you've got this feature turned on, you'll be able to record and add deposits, see a snapshot of deposits held across the business, and return a deposit from an account's deposit balance to the main balance. You can see some sample flows for this below.


Have you ever wanted to message contacts on an account quickly without having to go through the whole rigamarole of sending them an email or picking up the phone? Well, now you're in luck! We've created two types of messaging - one-way announcements that go out to all active accounts in your center(s), and two-way back and forth messaging with account contacts. Just like deposits, we will be rolling this out to everyone soon but if you're impatient just let your KT rep know and they'll get you set up. Below you'll see a short overview video featuring the dulcet tones of your favorite product manager, Hilda (who may also have written these release notes). We've also got two support articles on this - Announcement and Account Messaging (for center employees) and KT Connect Messaging Feature (for parents).


In a nutshell, drop-in care gives folks the option to claim extra slots that your center may have open. This is such a rich feature that will help you make the best use of your space and time! Your KT rep will be able to answer any questions you have on this (including how to enable it), but to get you started - here's a quick preview.

Note: Sometimes the features in our release notes are not visible to everyone. If you want to learn more or if you don’t see some of the above features but believe you should, please reach out to your KT contact personally or to the KT team.