Center owners, directors, etc. using Kangarootime Messaging now have two unique ways to contact you to provide updates or have text conversations via the KT Connect app. These two new methods of communication are called Announcements and Account messaging. 

Announcements are one-way messages that provide centers with an easy way to send a one-way message to inform you of, for example, school closures, field trip reminders, or any sort of message that won't require a reply. Account messaging will allow you to communicate directly with the center should they reach out to you with any questions or should you need to touch base with the center. 

Please Note: The account messaging feature inherently sends messages to the Primary Contacts on the family's account, and parents may choose to have announcements and messages sent to Authorized Contacts as well. Please talk to your center director if you have any questions about which contacts on your account can receive messages.


How To View a Center announcement using KT Connect

  1. Launch the KT Connect App
  2. Select the Messaging Tile
  3. Select Announcements
  4. View messages by date and time posted

How To View a Center message to a Family's account using KT Connect

  1. Launch the KT Connect App
  2. Select the Messaging Tile
  3. Select My Account
  4. View message
  5. Use the text field to respond if need be

All Primary Contacts and Authorized Contacts (with Messaging permissions) may reply back to the Account message

How to Enable Push Notifications

  1. Launch the KT Connect App
  2. Select the three-bar Hamburger menu located in the Kangarootime banner 
  3. Select Settings
  4. Locate the Permissions Section
  5. Swipe the Push Notifications Slide bar to the ON position 

Please contact with any questions.