New releases for Point of Care and KT Connect!


POC v. 1.1.16 is available for download! It includes a few fixes - for one, there was a bug where when you moved children and staff on the center overview screen and then refreshed the page, the kids and staff would scamper right back to where you moved them from. They now stay put like they are supposed to. Also, nap times can no longer overlap, and the “End Nap” button actually disappears when the nap is over. There also used to be an error when canceling a supplies note (whoops) that is now taken care of.

KT Connect v. 2.1.9 has also been released. This included a partial fix for an issue that causes parents to get logged out more often than they should be. More work on this issue to come!


In POC v. 1.1.16, you’ll also notice that the notes are now in chronological order on the My Day page. We also made it so that only active conditions display on the health conditions list - archived conditions are now hidden. And last but not least, the option to split classes has been re-enabled with improved functionality.

In KT Connect v. 2.1.9, we have included a whole host of improvements! These include improved performance when downloading photos, a new experience for when a user tries to access the app with no internet connection, and a new clearer message when a user tries to remove autopay (it directs them to contact their center if they want to remove it completely).

Note: Sometimes the features in our release notes are not visible to everyone. If you want to learn more or if you don’t see some of the above features but believe you should, please reach out to your KT contact personally or to the KT team.