Children can be checked in and out each day by an authorized contact through the Kiosk app. In the case that a child is not checked in or out at the Kiosk, a child may be manually checked in or checked out by using the Kangarootime website application. If you are interested in checking in or out multiple children at once, please refer to our How to Check in & Out Multiple Children article. 

Manually Check In and Check Out a Child in the Kangarootime Desktop Application:

  1. Select the Attendance button in the navigation bar
  2. Select the Attendance/Bookings button
  3. Scroll to the Child list and locate the child(ren) you are checking in or out
  4. Select the Checkmark icon located below the Actions column to check in a child
  5. Select the Arrow icon located below the Actions column to check out a child 

Please contact with any questions.