Improvements in Point of Care, KT Connect, and subsidies management - and new personal time cards!


POC v. 1.1.15 is live in the app stores! This release includes several updates including fixed nap start times, improved time zone handling, less refreshing necessary to see updates, and a fix to Care Instructions being cut off.


We’ve added an improvement to subsidies management - archiving an agency assignment! If an agency assignment is added to a child in error, you can now remove that from the child's record. This action can not be undone and should not be used to edit or hide an expired assignment. The Archive option can be found on the Subsidies > Children page, as well as the Accounts > Agency tab. 

KT Connect v. 2.1.8 is available in both app stores, and also contains a few improvements. Let’s start with billing. Now, if autopay is enabled and you try to make a manual payment, you get a little pop up that basically says "Are you sure? Because your autopay is on, you know.” On top of that, we notify you if you are trying to add a duplicate payment method.

As far as non-billing KTC updates: if y'all haven't noticed, status messages in the app (like "Card Saved" etc) really stuck around for like... too long before they disappeared. We've reduced that time now. And, the big one - on the KTC activity feed, it now displays the time stamp as opposed to how many minutes/hours ago the activity was. Thanks to everyone who gave us that feedback (and there were a lot of you)!


New Features

Have you ever wished you could easily just view your own schedule in a comprehensive format? What an outlandish idea! Well, you’re in luck - you can now view your personal time cards by navigating to the profile dropdown menu (in the upper right) and selecting My Time Cards. This allows you to see your own individual past and future shifts!

Note: Sometimes the features in our release notes are not visible to everyone. If you want to learn more or if you don’t see some of the above features but believe you should, please reach out to your KT contact personally or to the KT team.