Kangarootime allows centers to add internal notes to a Families Account. This information is stored on the Families Profile and will only be accessible to those who have the appropriate permissions to view this information. Once a thread has been started you may add new relevant information to that thread or create a new one where applicable.  



Add an Internal Note to a Families Account

  1. Select Families from the navigation menu
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select the Families profile whom you'd like to add an internal note to
  4. Select the Internal Notes tab underneath their name
  5. Select Add Note Thread
  6. Complete each required field as indicated with an * (Title, Type, Note
  7. Click Save

View Note Thread

Select the More icon then select View note thread.

Enter your comment at the bottom and choose Post Comment.  You will then view the comment beneath the original note.  The newest notes on the thread will be presented above any previous comments.

Archive Note Thread

If you would like to remove a note thread, select the More icon then select Archive Note Thread.  You will be asked to confirm you want to archive the note as this cannot be returned to the account.

Select Confirm to archive the thread.

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.