Any changes to a discount, such as an expiring promotional discount, the end of a child's enrollment, or if a discount was added to an account by mistake, must be completed on the individual account level. Follow the steps below to edit a discount within an account. 

How to Edit or End a Discount for an Account

  1. Select Families in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select the account that requires an end to a discount from the Accounts table
  4. Select Billing, then Discounts
  5. Select the more button beneath Actions
  6. Select Edit Discount or Remove Discount
    1. Edit Discount allows the End Date to be updated to ensure the application of the discount ends at the preferred date
    2. Remove Discount immediately ends the application of the discount from future billing. If the discount had not yet been applied and has no historical data attached, it will be fully removed from the account
  7. Select the preferred action, then Save or Delete the discount

Please view How to Edit a Discount for a Center or Business to learn how to make general changes to business-wide or center-wide discounts. 

Please contact with any questions.