Relationships and Permissions are useful tools in Kangarootime because both can give account holders the ability to customize and safeguard their accounts. Relationships showcase to centers who and how one is associated with a child. Permissions include bill payments, pick-up eligibility, photo access, and communication. The aim of this article is to instruct one on how to view and edit contact relationships and permissions. Keep in mind that Primary Contacts will inherently have access to all permissions, authorized contacts will require you to specify what the contact has access to. 

How to View and Edit Contact Relationships for Primary Contacts

  1. Using the purple navigation menu click on Families and then Accounts
  2. Select the proper account and click on the Contacts tab. (Primary Contacts will be listed first) 
  3. Next to their name, the More Icon will be visible, click the More Icon 
  4. Click the Edit Relationships button
  5. A menu will appear where one will be able to view and change the relationship 


Once you have your Kangarootime account permissions set up, you may ask: “How can I change or view the permissions for an existing contact?”

How to View and Edit Relationships and Contact Permissions for Authorized Contacts

  1. Using the purple navigation menu go to Families and then Accounts.
  2. Click on the appropriate Account and then click the Contacts tab.
  3. Scroll down to select the contact name and click the More Icon.
  4. Select the Edit Permissions option in the drop-down menu.
  5. A screen will appear where one can view and edit permissions for the contact.
  6. Finish by clicking the pink Save button.

For further information on contacts, please visit our article on Primary Vs. Authorized Contacts & Permissions


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