Contacts are defined as primary and authorized within Kangarootime. Primary Contacts are established when the child joins the center and his/her Account is created. Primary Contacts are typically caregivers such as parents, foster parents, grandparents, etc., or the people on the account who are responsible for paying the bill. Authorized Contacts may include but are not limited to Aunts, Uncles, Friends of the Family, etc.  Authorized contacts can also be granted access to certain responsibilities within accounts such as bill pay, pick up/drop off, or they may simply want to see pictures of the associated child(ren).  When a contact that already exists in Kangarootime needs to be added to another account, Kangarootime provides an easy way to add that existing contact into an account. 

How to add Existing Contacts to Child from Accounts tab

  1. Select Families from the navigation menu
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select the account from the list of Accounts. This will open the account profile.
  4. Select Contacts. 
  5. Click + Add Contact
  6. Click Add Existing Contact
  7. Type and Select the Contacts name
  8. Click Continue
  9. Select Relationships and Permissions to the child
  10. Select Save

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