Within the KT Workforce Connect App, staff members can easily submit time off requests directly to K2. Employees can also review the status of their time off request (pending, approved, denied) within KT Workforce Connect. The request time off feature is available to employees whose Centers utilize the Kangarootime Scheduling feature.


How To Enter a Time Off Request on KT Workforce Connect

  1. Open the KT Workforce Connect App

  2. Select the Time Off icon located on the bottom toolbar of KT Workforce app

  3. Select the Request Time Off button

  4. Select a Duration time from the dropdown (All Day, Partial Day, or Multiple Days) 

  5. Select the calendar date(s) requesting off 

    1. To enter dates manually, tap the edit icon and select dates

  6. Select the OK button

  7. Move clock feature to enter Start Time and End Time if If selected a Partial Day Duration

    1. To enter numbers manually select the edit keyboard icon

  8. Write a description for time off in the text box  

  9. Select the Submit button

  10. Select the Finished button on the confirmation screen 

The app will automatically refresh to the Home Screen. The Center’s contact responsible for approving time off requests will approve or deny the requested time. 

How to Review Time Off Submission Requests

  1. Open the KT Workforce Connect App

  2. Select the Time Off icon located at the bottom toolbar of KT Workforce App

  3. Current Requests will be listed in chronological calendar date order

    1. Pending approval will be noted with yellow pending lettering and a checkmark

    2. Approved time off will appear with green approved lettering and a checkmark 

    3. Denied time will appear with red denied lettering and a red checkmark  

The Center’s employee responsible for approving time off will approve or deny the time off request. See article How to Manage (Approve, Deny, Edit) Time Off Requests for information on how to approve, deny or edit time off requests. 

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.