The Manage Closure feature provides a means to close a center's individual class or center closure. The closure feature changes a center's attendance record and may affect billing charges. Centers may mark all scheduled children absent for the closed class date(s). Alternatively, a center may select to clear a class' attendance bookings for a specific date(s). Clearing the bookings will prompt an automatic reversal of billing charges to a family's account. Closing a Center's class(es) will remove a parent's ability to use the Drop-in Childcare feature for the closure day(s) selected.   


Adding a Closure date(s) to a Class and or Center

  1. Select Attendance 
  2. Select Attendance/Bookings 
  3. Select the Manage Closures button located above the Overview Attendance table 
  4. Select the Center associated with the classes that will close 
  5. Select the Classes to close the drop-down menu
  • Select the All Classes button to close all center classes
  • Select a class(es) button(s) for individual class closures

    6. Select the Time Range drop-down menu

  • Select Single to close a center for a one day 
  • Select Multiple to close a center for more than one day

    7. Enter a Close Start Date 

  8. Enter a Close End Date for multiple days (if applicable)

  9. Select either Mark Students Absent or the Clear Bookings button

    • Mark Students Absent - The attendance record will display children as Absent 
    • Clear Bookings - Children will be removed from the daily attendance record(s), and billing charges for the day(s) are automatically reversed

    10. Select the Save button 

   11. Type the word confirm in the text prompted box

   12. Select the Confirm button to save

Please note that once a class has been closed, it can be reopened, but the action taken after the class has been closed (mark students absent or clear bookings) will remain. If students are marked absent, the absence will need to be cleared for each child expected to attend. If bookings have been cleared, they will need to be re-added either by the parent via drop-in booking or by the center via the Add Session button, individually for every booking that needs to be re-added.


Please contact with any questions.