Families that begin enrollment in the middle of a billing cycle, can be billed manually for the days of enrollment. The billing cycle will then bill as expected when it automatically runs again. This article provides the steps to manually bill a family that begins in the middle of a billing cycle.

Please note, if no action is taken the attendance will be included in the following bill. For example, all families are billed on Monday for the current week, a family begins on Wednesday of the current week and missed the billing cycle. When the next bill is generated it will include tuition charges for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, plus the current week. 

To bill a family that begins in the middle of a billing cycle follow the steps below.

  1. Select Attendance from the navigation menu
  2. Select Attendance / Bookings
  3. Select Finance
  4. Search for the newly enrolled child
  5. Notice the account has not been charged, as indicated by the N in the Charged? column
  6. Select the ... in the Actions column
  7. Select Charge 
  8. Select the linked account name below the child's name to open the account and follow the steps below to create the manual bill 
  9. Select Billing
  10. Select Itemized Bills
  11. Select +Create Manual Bill
  12. Enter the Apply Date
  13. Select the transactions to include in the manual bill, select Save

The newly created manual bill can be downloaded and shared with the family. The family can pay the bill in the Kangarootime Connect app or a manual payment can be taken by any authorized personnel in the center. For more information, please see our article on how to add manual payments.