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KT Connect: Logging In

Q: How do I log into KT Connect?

Q: When I log into KT Connect, it says "We can't seem to locate you." What's going on?

  • First, check to make sure the email/phone number you typed in is the same one that your center has on file
  • Also, check to make sure the region in your app says US and not AU (we also have a location in Australia); to do this, go to the log in screen, select Settings, and check what is listed in the Region field
  • If you have checked both of these items and are still having difficulty, please reach out to your Center Director; they may need to contact Kangarootime for additional assistance.

KT Connect: Managing Payments

Q: How do I add a payment method in my account?

  • Launch the KT Connect App
  • If you are already logged in, select Accounts
  • Select Payment methods
  • Click the plus sign in the lower right corner to add a payment method and enter the information you as appropriate.

Q: How can I split payments with another parent?

  • Each parent should add a payment method on their app, but do NOT select autopay, otherwise the system will trigger a payment for the full amount. 
  • When your billing due date approaches, each parent will enter the amount they wish to pay and make a manual payment using their payment method on file.
  • It is important that you do not set up autopay. We cannot do split payments on autopay, so parents must make manual payments using their individual payment method on file.

Q: I'm not sure how to turn off Autopay, can the center do that for me? 

  • Absolutely, staff members at the center can disable the autopay setting for your payment method, so feel free to contact them with this request. 

Q: When do I need to set up autopay by?

  • Autopay must be set up in KT Connect prior to getting your bill. For instance, if the payment is due on the 1st of the month, but you received your bill 5 days in advance, you would have needed to set up autopay no later than 6 days prior to the due date.  You will only need to set up autopay once and then it will continue to run as scheduled on the due date.
  • Failure to set autopay up prior to receiving the bill will result in autopay not running for that billing cycle.

Q: If I already set up autopay, can I still choose to make a manual payment?

  • We do not recommend doing this unless you're trying to make a double payment to "get ahead." If you set up autopay prior to getting your bill and you decide to also make a manual payment, the auto payment will still generate on the due date and therefore a duplicate payment will be made, which will leave you with a credit on your account that will go towards your next bill. 

Q: Is there an extra fee for paying through the KT Connect app?

  • Please check with your center/school on this, as they may choose to pass along the processing service fee for credit or debit card payments. Note: if your center charges a service fee for credit cards, that means debit cards are also included and will incur a service fee. 

KT Connect: Checking Children In/Out

Q: How can I check my child in without my phone number and PIN?

  • You can use the QR code in the KT Connect App to check children in/out, which does not require you to use a phone number or PIN
  • Launch the KT Connect App, then select Check In/Out from the home screen
  • Aim the little square at the child QR code on the Kiosk 
  • Follow the prompts to finish checking your child in/out

Q: How can I set or change my PIN?

  • You can set and change your PIN at any time in KT Connect
  • Launch the KT Connect App and select the three line "hamburger" menu from the top left corner
  • Select Change PIN (even if you are just setting it for the first time)
  • Enter and confirm your new PIN, then hit Save

Q: How can I add additional contacts to Kangarootime and give them access to pick my child up?

  • At the moment, only a staff member with Kangarootime access can add additional contacts to your account.
  • They will need a first name, last name, and phone number at minimum to add them to your account. 
  • You should also inform your center which permissions you want this individual to have (permission to pick up child, permission to access billing, permission to access engagement activity, etc).

Q: We are taking a vacation and my child will not need care while we are away. Is there a way to let the center know through the app?

  • You are able to update your child's current and future attendance in the app!
  • Launch the KT Connect App, then select Attendance from the home page
  • Find the date your child will not be needing care on the list, then select the calendar icon to the right of the date, select the reason they will be absent, then click Confirm to mark your child as absent that day. 

KT Connect: Payment Method Security

Q: Will Kangarootime store my credit card or bank account number?

  • No, Kangarootime will not store, nor display your credit card or bank account numbers. We will display the last four digits of the account within our app for verification purposes. All of your credit card and bank account information is stored behind the secure wall of our payment processor.

Q: Will Kangarootime store my Card Verification Value (CVV)?

  • No, Kangarootime will not store, nor display your CVV. All of your credit card information is stored behind the secure wall of our payment processor.

Q: Will Kangarootime store my expiration date?

  • Yes, Kangarootime will store your expiration date. In compliance with PCI, we are able to store the expiration date as we are NOT storing the credit card number.

Q: Can other people on our account make a payment with my credit card or bank account information?

  • No, each person has their own secure login credentials, regardless of family account affiliation. Only the person that has entered the payment method may use that method to initiate payments.