The Photos feature of Kangarootime allows teachers to share photos throughout the day with authorized contacts who have permissions to view photos in the KT Connect app.  A center can choose to have all photos reviewed and either approved or declined prior to them appearing within KT Connect. This convenient feature helps to ensure that the content being shared meets the centers standards. 

Photos taken through the Point of Care app by teachers will upload into Kangarootime. Below are the steps to approving and/or declining them.

Steps to Approve or Decline Photos:

  • Enter the Photos feature of Kangarootime by selecting the Photos tab on the left side navigation menu
  • Select Dashboard 
  • In the drop down menu in the middle of the page, select Pending Approval
  • Select the photo or multiple photos that you would like to approve or decline by clicking on the image
  • To approve the selected photos, select Approve Selected 
  • To decline the selected photos, select Decline Selected

Approving Photos:

Declining Photos:

Please contact if you have additional questions.