When creating a Session fee type in Kangarootime, you have the option to select Single Session as your Fee Structure. This will allow you to generate transactions based on the daily session rate, or the daily tuition rate. Below you will find instructions for how to set this up at your center(s).

How to set up session fees:

1. From the navigation menu, select Centers

2. Select Fees

3. Click +Add Fee (in the top right corner)

4. Enter the Name

5. Select the Class Assignment

6. Select Session as the Fee Type

7. Select Single Session as the Fee Structure

8. Enter a GL Code (if applicable)

9. Select the Utilization of the fee, this will be 100% or 50%

10. Enter the Start Time and End Time for the session 

    *Please note this allows for the entry of part time hours, full time hours, or special session/program hours

11. Enter the Cost of the session 

    *Please keep in mind this is a per day cost that is charged daily. If a weekly rate is entered it will be charged daily

12. Enter Late pick-up / Early drop-off Fees (If applicable)

13. Select Save

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.