In Kangarootime, a digital blue print of your center is easily built utilizing the Location  and Space functionality. This article shares the distinction between the two, as well as instructions for use to ensure your staff and children easily move through the center on the website and in the Point of Care app. 


These are specific areas within your centers where staff will be scheduled, but children will not be found. For example, the front desk is an area where you would schedule a staff member, however, children would not be expected in that area. The front desk would be created as a location, rather than a space.

How to set up locations:

1. Click on Employees

2. Select Schedule

3. Click Add New to add a Location

4. Type the name of your location and hit Enter

Watch these steps in a video below:


These are specific areas within your center where children would be scheduled and will be located throughout the day. Each class will have a designated space. This will be reflected in the Point of Care App as well. Spaces will be staffed with teachers or any assigned caretaker at your center.

How to set up spaces:

1. Click on Centers 

2. Select Profiles

3. Click into the center where you'd like to set up spaces, then click on the white Spaces tab within this page

4. Click on the Add Space button to create new spaces. Complete the required fields as indicated with an *. (These can be edited later as needed. You cannot delete spaces that have a class assigned to them.)

5. Select Save

Watch these steps in a video below:

Please contact with any questions.