Kangarootime differentiates between active and inactive accounts so that you can identify which families are currently attending your center. The system allows you to create future contracts for children starting at a later date, or a contract for families who are on a waitlist with no set start date. Many customers find this useful for coordinating enrollment and staffing needs.

Accounts can be viewed by the Active or Inactive status by utilizing the filter within the Families>Accounts section. You can select active, inactive, or both to decide your view:

Active Accounts:

An account is active when they have a contract set up with a start date that has happened or is happening. For example, if today is December 12th, the contract would have needed to start before or on December 12th for it to be active.

If you would like to learn more on creating an Enrollment Contract, please see our article How to Add an Enrollment Contract.

Inactive Accounts:

An account is inactive when they either do not have a contract, OR their contract start date is in the future. Inactive contracts often represent families with children who have not yet begun their childcare with you, or children who are on a waitlist.

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.