Within the Point of Care app, the bulk action function allows users to log activities for multiple children at one time. 

Bulk actioning can be used for logging the following activities:

  • General Notes
  • Diapering and Toileting 
  • Nutrition 
  • Resting
  • Exercise
  • Supplies
  • Photos

How to use bulk action:

  1. Open the Class Overview screen 
  2. Select the activity for bulk action/ bulk note reporting
  3. Once selected, the activity tile be highlighted
  4. Select the children or Select All children who you would like to create a note for
  5. Complete the note, please note that all notes have a time field to enter the time the activity occurred diaper change times and nap times are accurate. 
  6.  Select Save or Start Nap if completing a Rest Note
  7. Once saved, confirmation is shared, Note Created.

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.