The Kiosk app allows parents to seamlessly check in and check out their children while also giving staff members an easy way to clock in for the day.  In the event a staff member is also a parent of an enrolled child, the Kiosk app provides an easy two step process to get punched in for the day and check in their child.  In the scenario below, the employee first clocks in for the day and then checks in their children (see GIF below, but these steps can also be taken in reverse order to get the same outcome.

Note: You can use the same PIN for both employee and parent profiles, but they do not have to be the same if you'd prefer they remain unique.  


Note: The best practice is to check in your child before clocking in for the day. 

How to Check In your Child as a Parent Employee

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Under Select Parent/Contact, tap your name
  3. Enter your Parent/Contact PIN number
  4. Tap Check In under the child(ren) you wish to check in
  5. Tap Finish

How to Clock In as a Parent Employee

  1. Enter your phone number again
  2. Under Select Employee, tap your name
  3. Enter your Employee PIN number
  4. Tap the position you're clocking in for
  5. Tap Confirm to confirm you are clocking in for the day
  6. Tap Close

Please contact if you have any questions.