The Name to Face feature allows teachers to account for the children in their custody at any time and make record of it in Kangarootime. 

Typically a parent, guardian, or other authorized contact will check the child in for the day via the Kiosk indicating the child is in attendance. Name to Face presents teachers with the faces of the children who are in attendance under their supervision. As the teacher visually confirms each child's presence, the child is marked as present in the app. Centers can run a report to view when Name to Face was completed and which children were present at the time it was completed. 

How to use Name to Face:

  1. From the Detailed view, select a class
  2. Within the class page select the square icon at the bottom of the page, with an image of a person and clock 
  3. On the Name to Face screen, tap each child's tile to select it
  4. Once all of the present children have been selected, select the pink Submit icon at the bottom of the page
  5. When Name to Face is complete, you will be returned to the class page

Please contact with any questions.