The Point of Care (POC) app provides a quick at-a-glance ratio to help teachers, assistant directors, and directors easily see which classroom would benefit by moving children to a new classroom or adding another teacher to a classroom. Ratios are shown in the left-hand hexagons below Center Overview. Below is an overview of how ratios shown in the left-hand hexagons are determined and how you can use them to best place children and teachers in classrooms.  

In the Infants 1 Room we see the ratio is 1:4, with one child enrolled and present. The ratio screen on the left- hand side shows a -1 in the Infants 1 hexagon. This indicates that one child is present in the room without a teacher.

Once the teacher marks herself present in the classroom, the -1 will become a +3 indicating the teacher is in the room and has +3 available spots for children to join the room, which is determined by the ratio of 1:4. 

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