The Itemized Billing feature in Kangarootime shares the individual line items each account will pay for within each billing cycle.  Billing cycles will have their own definitive beginning and end date in which the system will compile a list of all transactions and neatly display it on a bill for parental review and eventual payment. The Itemized bill will present the subtotal of current charges plus any rolling balance/debt that need to be paid off. This article provides the steps to quickly access Itemized Bills, as well as an overview of the features and functionality of Itemized Bills.

For quick access to Itemized Bills follow the steps below:

  1. Click Families
  2. Under Families, click Accounts
  3. Select the account in which you would like to view/export the Itemized Bill
  4. Click Billing
  5. Click Itemized Bills

Itemized Bill Features and Functionality:

Creating a Manual Itemized Bill

Creating a Manual Itemized Bill can be interpreted as a "point of sale" bill where you can select specific transactions that will appear on a bill that you can export into a PDF.  This provides flexibility in what you provide a parent asking for an ad hoc itemized bill.   Follow the steps below to create a Manual Itemized Bill.

  1. From the Itemized Bill screen, Click the + Create Manual Bill button
  2. Select a Due Date
  3. Once a Due Date has been selected, Kangarootime will list all unbilled transactions up until the selected date. 
  4. Select the transactions you would like to have displayed on the itemized bill
  5. Click Save

Billing Periods and Downloading the Bill

Billing cycles will control how often an account is billed, and each billing period will track the line items to be charged to the account and subsequently be displayed on the bill.  The Billing Period dropdown will adjust which line items are visible on the screen and will be produced via the PDF export on the screen.  To produce the bill for the selected billing period. simply click the Download PDF button.  

Balance Amounts Due and Dates

Beneath the Billing Period dropdown and the download button, the screen will display when the payment is or was due along with the corresponding billing date, and how many days the payment is past due if the payment has not yet arrived. Kangarootime also displays the current total due, the Forward Balance, and the Sub-Total.  

Line Items - Date, Description, Child, and Amounts

Towards the bottom of the page, Kangarootime displays the individual line items for the selected billing period, noting the Date the transaction took place, the Description of what was charged, the child the charge was associated with, and the amount of the transaction.   

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