Creating a Manual Itemized Bill can be interpreted as a "point of sale" bill; where you can select specific transactions to appear on a bill that you can be exported into a PDF and printed to share with a family. This provides flexibility in what you provide to a parent asking for an ad hoc itemized bill.  

How to Create a Manual Itemized Bill

  1. Click Families
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Click on the Account in which you would like to create a Manual Bill
  4. Click Billing
  5. Click Itemized Bills
  6. Click the + Create Manual Bill button
  7. Select an Apply Date
  8. Once an Apply Date has been selected, Kangarootime will list all unbilled transactions up until the selected date. Select the transactions you would like to have appear on the bill.
  9. Click Save
  10. Kangarootime will build a new bill based on your specifications and the bill will become available via the Download PDF button
  11. The screen will present an option for you to select either the Detailed (bill will include every line item) or Summary (the bill will include categorized line items) - select the bill type that suits your needs best
  12. Click Download
  13. The bill will appear in your default PDF tool

Please contact with any questions.