When an account is eligible and approved for a subsidy sponsorship or subsidy billing, Kangarootime provides a simple way to add the subsidy billing to the Account. This allows you to ensure the subsidy amount or parent co-pay amount is billed correctly to the account. 

To add a subsidy to an Account:

  1. Click Families
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Search for and select the account in need of a subsidy record
  4. Click Agency
  5. From the Agency screen, click the +Add to Subsidy button. This will present all necessary fields to the subsidy record created and billed correctly. Complete all required fields (indicated with an *). 
  6. Once all required fields have been filled out, click the Enroll button and the subsidy will be applied to the selected child.  *Please note that the Exclude Contract field should only be used in instances where more than one contract is in place for a child on an account and one of the contracts should NOT have agency billing applied. 

Be sure to reference our article regarding How To End Subsidy Billing on an Account if the subsidy amount or a parent co-pay changes. 

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com if you have additional questions.