The Children Overview dashboard provides the user with a view into subsidy data with respect to children and their current affiliation to the subsidy. The dashboard displays how many children are taking advantage of subsidies while also tracking those whose subsidies have expired. 

To access the Children dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Subsidies 
  2. Click Children

Under the Overview header, you will see the 3 designated statuses for children in relation to their subsidies: Expired, Expiring Soon, and Active. These statuses are controlled by the subsidy beginning and ending dates established when you add a subsidy to an account. 

  • Expired indicates that the end date has passed on the assigned subsidy.  
  • Expiring Soon means that the end date on the assigned subsidy is approaching (30 days within the expiration date). 
  • Active indicates the child's assigned subsidy is currently within the previously determined start and end dates.

For easy viewing, below the larger status numbers, the dashboard will allow you to filter by selected subsidies, centers, and statuses. Under the filters, you'll find all children listed with a subsidy based on status. Clicking on the downward-facing arrow on the same line as the child's name will unveil options to view the child's attendance records or go directly to the account associated with the child.  

Please contact if you have additional questions.