Any Agency a center or business partners with should be set up within Kangarootime to display key information available to enter (absence, attendance, reimbursement).  The fields are free form to allow for the flexibility to share information based on the needs of the business and how it is presented by the agency.

How to set up a new Agency

  1. Click Subsidies 
  2. Click Agencies
  3. Under your profile picture, click the +Setup a new Agency button
  4.  Complete the required fields (indicated with an *) As a best practice we recommend you specify as much information as necessary in the available fields
  5. Click Next - Assign centersThe screen will now display a search bar where you can expand a list of all possible centers to assign to the agency.  
  6. Once all centers have been selected, click Save.           

Once saved, the agency and corresponding information will be displayed on the Agencies home screen.

Please contact with any questions.