The Attendance Function provides powerful insight into class data by center, displaying valuable data points to reflect attendance, availability, and class roster information. This will supply staff and directors with an at-a-glance, real-time view of center activity and child attendance. 


To navigate to the Attendance screen, click Attendance within the menu bar. 


Within the Overview section, you are able to monitor class utilization and the expected number of children and employees. The screen displays daily real-time class occupancy, the expected staff-to-child ratio, and current open spots. Selecting the class will navigate you to the class itself so you may review and edit class data if needed. 

You also have the ability to add a session for a child by clicking the Add Session button below your profile picture. For example, a part-time child arrives on a day when the child was not scheduled, you can add in the session as to not upset their current billing cycle. To add a session, indicate at minimum the Date, Class, and Child with the option of including Drop Off and Pick Up times as well as the Fee Name and click Save

The bottom half of the screen has two views that provide different sets of values: Times and Finance.


Times allows you to quickly view the traffic within your school while providing the ability to manually check the child in or out, if that had not been previously done by a parent or staff member. 

  • Click the Check Mark Icon to check in a child
  • Click the A Icon to mark a child absent 
  • Click the More Icon located within the Actions Column if the class, fee, drop-off, or pick-up time needs to be edited or removed.  

If you click on the different statuses (Expected, Unknown, Late, Absent, Checked In, Checked Out), the list of children will be filtered by your selections based on the child’s relationship to current day class attendance. 


Finance displays a breakdown of the monetary values of the following:

  • Session costs
  • Discount(s)
  • Subsidies
  • Early/Late Fees


You can choose to see the children's Times and Finance details from a day or weekly view along with the ability to filter by class.

The Finance screen also provides the ability to charge accounts for uncharged sessions. This action is typically needed for those who have started to attend with a billing cycle for the current period of services. If the family is not charged for the first week/days of care the session cost will accumulate and forward to the next automatic bill sent based on the billing cycle. Please follow the steps below to charge accounts for uncharged sessions. 

  1. Click Finance  
  2. Click the More Icon located within the Action Column
  3. Click the $ Charge button

Once that is done, the account will be charged for the sessions displayed. 

Also, if the fee is set to accumulate early drop off or late pick up charges, you will see them accumulate via the Finance screen with the ability to clear the charges. To clear early drop-off and/or late pick up fees, follow the steps provided below: 

  1. From the Attendance Finance screen, click the More Icon located within the Action Column
  2. The options to Clear Early Drop-Off Fees/Clear Late Pick-Up Fees will appear, select the applicable option
  3. Click Save

This action will reverse the selected fee, and the reversal will be displayed within the account's transactions.  

Please contact with any questions.