The Enrollment features provide a useful view of current, past, and future enrollment data by center while offering an in-depth breakdown at the class level into current enrollment and availability.  This insight will provide staff and directors with the tools to properly keep track of enrollment numbers to advise on staffing needs and whether additional children can be accepted into classes or not.


Enrollment Dashboard

To view the Enrollment Dashboard

  1. Click Enrollment 
  2. Click Dashboard

The Enrollment Dashboard will display class enrollment data such as Capacity, Enrollments, FTE Enrolled, and Enrollment Percentages by center.  

To view enrollment data for a different center:

  1. Click the you are currently viewing enrollment for dropdown 
  2. Select a different center

The date filters on the page can be used to drill down data by the week selected. Selecting the class data will bring you to the Management section of Enrollment.

Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management allows you to: 

  • Quickly identify any age-appropriate vacancies for a new child

  • Be informed once a child has reached the maximum age set for their class

  • Look at future availability in a given class

  • Monitor your overall center occupancy and identify opportunities to offer positions

To search on class availability, use the Overview tab. Within the Overview tab, use the Search Availability tool to:

  1. Enter their Expected Start Date of when the child will begin attending
  2. Enter the child’s Birth Date 
  3. Click Search

The Search Availability tool also presents a class filter so you can select a specific class or search all on all available classes.  Once the search criteria has been filtered, the screen will display a day-by-day breakdown of how many available spots there are in the selected class(es), including spots that may be available due to children aging up.

The Availability section of the page displays the current availability of classes determined by the week specified within the date filter.  Simply use the arrows within the date filter to toggle from week to week to view class availability.  You can also use the search option to view availability for a specific class.  

Selecting the class will display a class-specific enrollment page that includes the class’s weekly availability, plus enrolled children, and the days they attend.  If you use 50% utilization fees in a class, you will see the days split by am and pm to give you a more detailed view of vacancy numbers.

Please contact with any questions.