Within the Billing feature, you are able to set foundational pieces for the financial transactions business-wide or for specific centers. Billing Settings include the ability to determine how surcharges or processing fees will be passed to families, create billing cycles that meet the needs of your business, and establish transactions that will be applied to accounts outside of tuition. This article will demonstrate how to access each setting within Billing Settings.



Surcharges, also known as Processing Fees, are fees connected to automated payment services. These include credit card processing fees, bank or ACH processing fees, and returned check fees. Surcharges can be turned on or off in bulk or by individual center. 

How to turn on or turn off surcharges:

1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu

2. Click Settings

3. (For bulk action) Select Turn surcharge ON for all centers or select Turn surcharge OFF for all centers (Please note that the ability to Pass through Dishonor fees is not available as a bulk action at the moment.)

4. (For individual center action) Toggle Yes or No below the surcharge to be changed. The options are Charge Parents ACH Fees, Charge Parents CC Fees, or Pass Through Dishonor (Please note that dishonor means returned check or returned ACH insufficient funds fee)

Please note that the processing fees are determined at the time of contract. If you have any questions regarding the processing fees for your business or center please contact the owner or system operator within your business, you can also reach out to helpdesk@kangarootime.com..


The cycles setting allows you to create billing cycles that best meet the needs of your business or center. Within this setting the opportunity to create billing cycles that automatically charge in advance, in arrears, or for current periods with scheduled payment dates and invoice delivery is available to you. This setting also allows you to edit existing billing cycles. 

How to create a Billing Cycle:

1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu

2. Click Settings

3. Select Cycles

4. Complete the pre-written sentences to a create a billing cycle.

5. Preview the Example Cycle

6. Select Save

7. Complete the required fields (indicated with an *)

8. Select Save

How to edit a Billing Cycle:

1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu

2. Click Settings

3. Select Cycles

4. (If applicable) Filter the Billing Cycle table by Center, click the down arrow icon to the right of Center and select the Center or Centers to view.

5. Select the More icon (three little dots) below Actions for the Billing Cycle you would like to edit

6. Select View Info, Edit, or Delete

  • View Info - shows the information and details of the selected Billing Cycle
  • Edit - If permissions allow you will be able to edit line items in the Billing Cycle or Delete Cycle. (Please note that any updates will affect assigned accounts.)
  • Delete - If permissions are set you will be able to Delete Billing Cycle (Please note that you will be prompted to confirm the action after selecting Delete).



Within Billing Settings, if permissions allow, you are able to Create New Transactions. These can be applied across the business or to a specific center. Default Transactions are available to you, in addition, to the Custom Transactions you are able to create. Please note that the Default Transactions cannot be deleted, only Custom Transactions can be removed.

How to Create Transactions:

  1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select Transactions
  4. Determine if you will create a Business-wide Transaction or Center-specific Transaction (Center-specific Transactions allow you to filter to the correct Center)
  5. Click the down arrow icon to the right of the shown Center, then select the center to create and assign transactions to. 
  6. Click +Create New
  7. Enter the Type Name
  8. Select the type of transaction, Credit or Debit
  9. Select Roles by clicking the down arrow icon (Please note that Roles are available at creation of a transaction to ensure you assign the right people to apply or refund Transactions as needed)
  10. Select Save

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.