Once a discount has been created, the circumstances of the discount may change in the future.  Should you need to edit a discount, this article will provide direction in doing so.   

How to Edit a Discount

1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu

2. Click Discounts (This opens the list of all discounts created/active/expired))

3. Click More icon (three little dots) below Actions

4. Click Edit 

5. Make necessary edits to the displayed information and adjust the discount schedule as needed

6. Select Save

Please keep in mind that a change to the end date expires the ability to apply the discount to accounts. The discount will be applied through 11:59 PM on the specified end date.  For example, changing the end date to 6/1/2022 makes the discount available for application through the end of the day, 11:59 PM, while also informing the system that the discount will no longer be available for use after that date; however, accounts with the discount will have continued use. The updated expiry date will not automatically expire discounts on individual accounts. To expire a discount for an account, please do so in the individual account or view the steps in the following article. 

Please contact helpdesk@kangarootime.com with any questions.