In the event a business or center(s) need to implement a way to reduce price when an Account meets certain criteria (e.g. Military discount, sibling discount, etc.), Kangarootime offers the ability to create a single or recurring discount that can be easily applied to sessions or transactions.  

Flat Rate Fee dollar discounts vs. Session Fee discounts

If the discount is being charged on a Session Fee, the discount needs to be broken down into a daily rate discount. For example, if you want to discount $25.00/week, put the amount as $5.00 because the discount will be attributed to the account per each session. For a discount set as a percentage (ex. 10% discount for multiple enrolled siblings), put 10% in the discount as that will take 10% off of the daily session rate OR the flat amount charged for the week/month.  

Manual discounts vs. Recurring discounts

A Manual discount is useful when you would like to apply it to a single transaction, whereas a Recurring discount is useful when you want to add an applied discount to an account (i.e. Sibling discount). 

Note: Recurring discounts will not be an option when trying to add a discount on a transaction

How to Create a Discount

  1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Discounts
  3. Click +Create Discount (This opens the fields to complete to create a discount)
  4. By default, All Centers is shown. To change this, expand the center list by clicking the down arrow and selecting the appropriate center(s). 
  5. Complete all required fields (indicated with an *)
  6. Select Save

Keep in mind that if a discount has an end date, that discount will be applied through 11:59 PM on the specified end date (ex. if the end date is 11/15/2021, the discount would go through the end of the day 11/15/2021).  After a discount has been created, you can also easily edit the discount should the circumstances of the discount change. 

Please contact with any questions.