In the event that a business or center needs to charge families for extra-curricular activities (e.g., formula, diapers, sunscreen) or events (e.g., Fall Festivals, Holiday Parties), creating Transaction Types is the best way to individually differentiate between the items being charged. If you are interested in adding or discounting a transaction, please refer to our articles: How to Add Transactions and How to Add a Discount to a Transaction

How to Add Transaction Types

  1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Transactions
  3. Click +Add Transaction Type
  4. Determine if this is a Business-wide Transaction or Center-specific Transaction (Please note that the center must be selected from the drop-down list to apply Center-specific Transactions. Also, Transactions have the same creation process whether it is intended for a specific center or the whole business)
  5. Click + Create New
  6. Enter the Type Name
  7. Select the type of transaction - Credit or Debit
  8. Select the Roles with permission to apply or refund the transaction. (For more information on Roles and Permissions, please read our article Overview of Roles and Permissions)

Please contact with any questions.