The Transactions table provides a line item breakdown of all Transactions occurring across the business or center. The line item information displayed can be filtered by a time period, type, center, or smallest to largest or largest to smallest amounts. Each line item can be expanded to learn more information and details of the transaction. Please read our article on How to Take Action with Transactions to learn more on how to add transaction types, add transactions, and take action on individual transactions. 

How to Engage with the Transactions Table

  1. Click Billing 
  2. Click Transactions 
  3. Clicking on Transactions opens the Transactions table, which displays all Transactions within the current month. 
  4. Type text in Search Transactions field to find specific Transactions 
  5. Click the down arrow icon to the right of This Month to filter the table by specific time periods
  6. Enter custom date ranges to filter the table by custom time periods
  7. Click the down arrow icon to the right of Type to filter the table by Transaction Types
  8. Click the down arrow icon to the right of Center to view transactions specific to a center or more than one
  9. Click the down arrow icon to the left of the header to sort the listed Transactions within the table 
  10. 10. Click the down arrow icon on any Transaction line to expand the Transaction details (Please note you can open the Account Info by clicking the underlined account name)

Please contact with any questions.