This article shows how to access the Billing Dashboard and provides an explanation of the information found in the Billing Dashboard.


How to access the Billing Dashboard

1. Click Billing from the left-hand navigation menu

2. Click Dashboard 

Understanding the information within the Billing Dashboard

The Billing Dashboard allows you to view and filter Processing Payments by Center and default time periods. The time periods available are: this week, this month, this quarter, last week, last month, or last quarter. Once the time period is selected the graph will display total payments and the amounts per payment status. The payment statuses include Flagged, Failed, Ready, Pending, and Complete. The definition of each status follows:

  • Flagged - Payments will be flagged if one of two instances occurs. 
    • Payments that have been applied multiple times for the same date or payment amount
    • The payment amount is 30% more than the usual processing amount

Flagged payments will not be processed until the payment has been researched and the appropriate action of Approve or Cancel Payment has been selected. To learn more on taking action for Flagged Payments please read our article on How to View and Take Action on Payments

  • Failed - Payments will be marked as Failed if the payment processor receives a returned or declined error message and is therefore unable to process the payment
  • Ready - Payments have been created but have not been sent for processing by the payment processor
  • Pending - Payments are holding with the payment processor and will be processed soon
  • Complete - Payments have been submitted to the payment processor and have successfully been processed

After viewing the Billing Dashboard and payment statuses, you are able to learn more on each individual payment by clicking the See All Payments button. To learn more on viewing and taking action on individual payments please read our article on How to View and Take Action on Payments.

How to Engage with the Billing Dashboard

1. Click the down arrow icon to the right of Center

2. Select the Center or Centers to view Processing Payment information

3. Click the down arrow icon to the right of This Week

4. Select the time period to view Processing Payment information

5. Click any status listed: Flagged, Failed, Ready, Pending, Completed (Please note this opens the Payments feature where you can expand and learn more on individual Payments)

5. Click View Flagged Payments (Please note this opens the Payments feature and shows a table view of all Flagged Payments)

6. Click See All Payments (Please note this opens the Payments feature and shows a table view of All Payments by most recent date)

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